problem printing sketch

I have a project sketch that I'd like to print from the IDE 1.05-r2. It goes through the motions but only ejects blank pages. The O/S is Windows 7 64 bit professional. I tried copying the text out to wordpad and print from there but the formatting gets screwed up so I'd prefer to stay within the IDE. Any suggestions?

I always use a different program.
Something like Word or notepad++

Same problem here on OS X.6.8 -- attempt to print out a sketch just yields (correct number of) blank pages! Dozens of posts on forum about this program flaw, from Windows users as well as Mac. No response from IDE programmers that I can see.

Of course you can copy/paste the code to another application -- that is NOT a solution to this flaw in the IDE!

If I print I use a print2PDF - mostly cutePdf writer, windows. That gives me the chance to see what will be printed and I have a digital version. At least it might save paper.

but yes, it is no excuse for not being able to print properly.