Problem reading 6 analog inputs. A0-A2 Work but A3-A5 do not

Problem reading 6 analog inputs. A0-A2 Work but A3-A5 do not.

I am using homemade pressure sensors with conductive foam. Each sensor works because when I switch them all around every sensor works in A0-A2. I also tested each of them on a multimeter. I am trying to send all 6 reads to processing to make a sketch. all of the reads for A3-A5 are jumpy and bleed into each other. For example, if you press the sensor on A4 it effects A3 and A5.



Base on your connection

The coloured lines represents internal connections of the breadboard.

The upper & lower both two rows are connected horizontally. They are used as power supply terminals, they are not continuous. The middle portion of both supply terminals are not connected so we have to use jumper wires to make it continuous on both sides.

Try a short delay between reads. 1mS should do it. Or you can try reading each one twice, ignoring the 1st reading. There is one multiplexed analog-to-digital converter in the ATmega chip and it requires some settling time between reads.

You can test the analog inputs by disconnecting your sensor and alternately grounding the input, and connecting it to 5V.

And if you have a multimeter, you can measure the voltage at each analog input pin to confirm you're getting what you expect.