problem reading datasheet

hey guys, This is probably the dumbest question around here. I’ve googled all over the internet and haven’t had any luck finding the information (to start with im not even sure what keyword to use on google).

I’m trying to understand I2C and SPI by writing/reading this RTC module without using any library including wire.h library. I was in the middle of reading DS2321 RTC datasheet and stumble upon this piece of information : (screenshot attached)

in the address column, 00h, 01h, 02h, 03h…12h. Every address ended with letter ‘h’, what does those ‘h’ represent? is it just a way to show that the address is written in hexadecimal?

thank you in advance, and pardon my English :slight_smile:

Right, the suffix 'h' signifies hex values.