Problem reg Stephen Hobley's lib for Pixart Sensor


I wonder whether anyone here would have actively worked with the Stephen Hobley library for Pixart Sensor (

I used the same hardware configuration as mentioned in Stephen's website. Howver, I run in to this problem;

I read it somewhere, that the Pixart camera returns any value only when it sees a IR Blob. So, accordingly, the Pixart Library written by stephen should also return values only when the camera sees any IR blob, right?

But, in my setup, as soon as I power Arduino, my serial port monitor starts displaying, Blob 1 detected x=0, y=0, size=0 Blob 2 detected x=0, y=0, size=0 Blob 3 detected x=0, y=0, size=0 Blob 4 detected x=0, y=0, size=0 . . . . .

I dont show it any IR source, yet I keep getting this. When I give it an IR source, it doesn't track it and still I keep getting the same result!

Please help, I dont seem to be getting to the root of problem.

Thank You