Problem regarding the save fingeprint data

Hi everyone! Can I know that if I want to save the fingerprint into database by using the fingerprint sesnor which connected to arduino uno, is it really need to buy an Arduino model which support the WI-FI feature or need to buy an Ethernet shield to let the fingerprint data can save into database? Because when I try to do some research on the Internet, some of the examples are using the Ethernet shield. This is my 1st time to do the Arduino so I a bit confuse for this part. Can someone tell me which 1 is the correct way to do this? Thank you.

which sensor?

which database?

The fingerprint sensor that I'm using is AS608 and the database is mysql in phpmyadmin from xampp server.

how do you plan to reach to your XAMPP server? ethernet or Wi-Fi or 4G ?

I thing mostly will use ethernet. So, it means that I need to have the ethernet shield if I will reach my XAMPP server through ethernet?

If you wish to use ethernet, you will need an ethernet capable microcontroller, probably an Arduino and a shield.

Note though that wifi capable devices are now much more common and usually far cheaper.

ok, so the wifi capable devices can use for the Arduino uno r3 if I want to reach the XAMPP server through WI-FI?

Yes, but many people use ESPxx devices which are faster, have more memory, are cheaper and have wifi built in. Wemos gear is popular too.

ok, so can I know that is the ESPxx devices can use to implement the fingerprint?

Alternatively, you can write a PC application that can read a serial port and write the received data to the mysql database. But a native network is probably easier.

Please explain. Are you asking how to use your sensor with the ESPxx?

Does the ESPxx can use for the fingerprint sensor? If yes, maybe i will try for ESPxx instead of arduino uno r3 since it already has de WI-FI feature.

Check if your library (link?) supports the ESP32 platform

I'm using Adafruit library. I think it is possible to use the fingerprint sensor with the ESP32 using the Adafruit library.

OK. You'll need to get the right Serial port (I think that's what's used by the sensor API)
with the ESP32 you can use a second Hardware Serial port so that you can keep the main Serial for upload and debugging in the Serial monitor.

ok, I will try for your suggestion. Thanks for your help.