Problem running nw sketch without bootloader


I just made a arduino prototype on a bread board, interfacing it with software using STK200 parallel ISP. I did some configuration and was able to download it to chip successfully. Here comes the problem, the simple LED Blink sketch is not working at all I tried on different pins 13,25,26,27 connecting LED but nothing is glowing. :P

I use same parallel ISP (STK200) with CodeVisionAVR IDE and I am successfully uploading as well as running programms

Please help me in sorting out problem.....

Arduino board Pin13 is not the same on IC.

Arduino board Pin13 is equivalent to IC pin 19.

I don't know if you considered this to use the blink sketch example, since you're not using the Arduino board.

Thanks a lot Adilson..... I was connecting LED to wrong pin..... :)