Problem sending request parameters to Arduino Web Server

Hello guys!
I want to make my Arduino act as a Web Server that can be acessed from Internet.
After solving different problems with port forwarding, I have a last one (at least I hope so).
When I try to access Arduino with its url and forwarded port,different than 80, I can't send request parameters, as firefox adds port 80 to url. I tried different approaches without success.
Does anyone knows an addon or script, working with any major web browser,that can add the
a port,automatically,to certain url/ip ? (P.S.: NOT 80! :smiley: )

Have you tried http://<host><URI>:<port>?




I guess all the Arduino developers over here, you've done some projects with Arduino acting as
web server, and controlling over the internet different devices from your home (at least).
As the port 80 is locked by ISP, you've port forwarded other port to Arduino like 8080, and you request that web page using the url: "router's ip":"forwarded port" .
Supposing on that page are some settings, followed by an "submit" input type, when sending the
request parameters, the web browser automated adds port 80 and connection to Arduino fail.
Is quit awkard to add this manually, like this for example:
Tell me please, is there a simplier solution, to access that Arduino, like normally access any web
page? Thank yo very, very much! What was the solution for that in your projects?

Juraj, tell me please, what is that? Should I place it in html code sent in web page?

Juraj, tell me please, what is that? Should I place it in html code sent in web page?

on my screenshot there is already a json response.
the port goes after server