problem sensor ph meter with arduino uno

Hello mr..
I'm working on ph sensor project with input tx rx to arduino uno.
Is there a ph sensor code for arduino uno with input tx rx from sensor?

What sensor?

Have you already tried in Google " Arduino library"? What comes out of that?

There is a probe and an interface to Arduino.

As far as I am aware, the vendors sells these two pieces together.

I am not aware about a pH sensor sold as such.

More details may help.

I have bought my pH sensor and pH probes separately. No problem there. It's actually quite normal to do this, if only because the pH sensor can be used to read DO probes and other ion sensitive probes (they all work based on the same principle).

To me- there is: probe (aka electrode) and electronic interface (shield?) to arduino. What I call "sensor" is the active part of the probe. There are probes for different parameters, right. Anyway, terminology. :slight_smile:

I was also interested in making a pH meter to be used to Arduino, but what I found here is only pH probe + interface. To be mounted (connected) to the Arduino uno. That is all. No fun at all. And they grey market here. :frowning:

pH sensor = the shield, interface.
The interface can be done but you have to take care designing the PCB to keep noise out.
The probe itself can't be DIYed. It's a special glass membrane.

Anyway, we digress. Lets wait for OP to come back with more details on their specific sensor.

pH electrode plus decent FET op amp as close as possible, 50-metres Black and Decker cable, job done.