Problem solved! Arduino + grlb + 28BYJ motors directly!

This hobby cnc is made with plastic pipe !Is first test with 5 volt stepper motors and arduino with gbrl modified code. This modified code have outputs for commands directly bipolar or unipolar engines, like these steppers with 5v. From arduino : 4,5,6,7 for axe x and 8,9,10,11 for axe y. Is small ,simple and powerfull cut foam machine.I make little modify in stepper.c from here (oficial grbrl arduino)for can drive unipolar motors but all output is disable.Work only with my cnc machine! (only 2 step motors) Here a test ... and here test cut ... Now with arduino you can read g-code and command directly 2 stepper motor (without driver for transform direction an step in 4-5 wire command motor...)

Now that’s something I’ve not seen before, a 28BYJ motor driven CNC machine!