Problem to get data from MLX90614 sensor

Hello, im new to this forum, and im still new for i2c communication and stuff like that. I have a project that use MLX90614 as temperature sensor, and i need a code to get temperature data from the sensor so i can use it to turn on my motor servo when the temperature is 37 Celcius or above. I have been using TMP 36 sensor before and i notice that in TMP 36 there are only one voltage out pin to the arduino analog in to get the temperature data, but in MLX90614 there are SCL and SDA pin and it said that i must connect both of it into SCL and SDA pin in arduino to get the data. The problem is i dont know how to write a code to get the temperature data from that type of pin to use it like voltage output data from the TMP 36 sensor. I already do some research on google and i think nobody use MLX90614 the way i want to use it. I hope someone can help me to get that data so i can continue my project, and sorry for troubling you all cause my lack of knowledge and experience. Thanks for the reply and the answer

Here is the datasheet link for MLX90614 :
Datasheet for MLX90614 - Free Download #Melexis

did you try using an internet search? :fearful:

Sparkfun has a tutorial on the use of that sensor.