Problem to subscribe with ESPDUINO

Hi! I want to do sockets mqtt with a Raspberry an Arduino Uno with ESP8266 where I used the Espduino library.

In Rasp I connect to (, and in Ardu to ( wich is fixed in RaspB). If I publish one “topic” in Arduino, I receive it in the Rasp (with subscribe), but if I want to publish in Raspb, i can`t subscribe with Ardu, In my Serialmonitor not received any message that I publish with the rasp.

It’s possible that I needs to use a logical conversor? Because I can send (publish), but not receive (subscribe). What do you think about this problem?

The connections Arduino Uno-ESP8266 are:

ESP8266 ----- UNO
UTXD ----- pin0 (RX)
GND ----- GND
CH_PD ----- pin 4
URXD ----- pin 1 (TX)
Vcc ----- ----- ----- external 3.3V
RST ----- ----- ----- none
GPIO ----- ----- ----- none
GPIO2 ----- ----- ----- none


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ESP8266 inputs are 5V tolerant so that shouldn’t be a problem. I suspect the MQTT ‘publish’ routine wouldnt work if you didnt have bi-directional communications anyway.

Can you post the code? Both the working publish code as well as the not-working subscribe bits… Please format your code (Tools->Auto Format) then use the code tags </> to make it nice to read.