problem transistor

my problem with transistor it does not work with arduino…
i want to know what is the reason.
my work LIKE in picture


There is no transistor in that picture.

As you only have a LED and R connected to 5v and ground, if it does not work, the LED must be wrong way around.

There is no control from the Arduino.


Hi, In the fritzy you don't even have the diode in a circuit, its not connected to the resistor.

Tom..... :)

I missed that!

Three fails for a simple circuit.

OP has a lot to learn. Hope he does not become disillusioned and comes back.


no offence,Do you seriously know what a transistor is?
There is no any in the fzz provided and the LED is wrong Way arround
Let me be nice.
Please connect the long leg of led to +5v and short to resistor. Connect the remining leg of resistor to GND.
Trap for young players(Yes,I watch eevblog):
There is a break at exactly in middle in two rows at the top and bottom of a full sized breadboard. Bridge that gap.