Problem trying to start ina219

Hello. I have attached the code of my application. (I didn’t codify it, it’s copied by a tutorial).

I have checked that the code is totally blocked on the following lines:

if (! ina219.begin()) {
Serial.println(“Failed to find INA219 chip”);
while (1) { delay(10); }

I tested writting Serial.println(""); before this part of code and after it, and I only get the output of the first of them. So I really don’t know what could be happening, but the problem is trying to begin ina219 for sure.

If you want to check the sketch of the project, you can see it on my another post right here:

Thank you.

Display_TFT_SPI_ST7735_HalfLife.ino (21 KB)

Solved! Went over the soldering of the INA219 module and now it works