Problem uploadind sketches to Arduino Fio over Xbee


Here is my current setup:

1 Xbee Series 1 connect via USB to my computer with an Xbee Explorer.
Another Xbee connected to an Arduino Fio, battery powered.

For now, I am trying to upload a Sketch wirelessly from Arduino’s IDE to the Fio. My port is set at COM3 and my selected board is Arduino Fio.

I used Arduino’s Xbee configuration tool as explained here: . It indicates that the programming was successful.

I modified the Baud rate for my COM3 Port in Device Manager to 57600 bps and configured the Xbees accordingly. I also checked the Set RTS on Close in the advanced settings.

I also updated the firmware on the Xbees (802.15.4) to 10EC, which I believe is the most recent one. I am not 100% sure this worked though. I used the X-CTU software to accomplish this task, and when I read the device, It says I am running 10EC, but anyways I believe this is fine.

Now, I am trying to send a simple sketch to my Arduino (for testing purposes, I’m trying to send the “Blink” sketch found in the examples) and I am stuck with this error:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

The RSSI light on the Arduino Fio lights up and the TX light on the Xbee Explorer flash for a short while, then the error message appears.

I try reconfigurating the Xbees with X-CTU this time, but it says the baud rates are not the same, but I checked and the Xbee and the computers COM port are set to 57600, so I can’t see the problem here…

Can someone please shed some light on this problem? Hopefully my components are ok and it’s just a little tweak I may have forgotten…

Thank you!


I have the same problem and I have also not found out why?


Your last statement about X-CTU saying the baud rates are not the same are a big clue, I think. Try using the Configuration tab on X-CTU to pull the whole configuration for both of your XBee modules and compare them with the settings in the tutorial. I get the feeling one of the settings didn't "take" when you programmed them. Remember some of the I/O line passing settings (specifically the IA setting) are in a closed-up folder in the X-CTU window.

Please reply and let us know if this helps track down the problem.


Please support the Open-Source ExtraBee radio module project

Does that scheme actually work?

If so, why does if work with Fio, but not with the UNO?

Would be nice if someone sometimes somewheres would put a date on those pages, so you
know they weren't written 5 years ago. OK, I did find the date on the Page History page, and
it was written 3 years ago, and not updated since. Foo.