Problem uploading a sketch

Hi guys.
I have done an arduino based board following this schematic and I am not able to upload any scketch using my sparkfun ftdi board. I am using the arduino IDE 1.6.9 and I am able to burn the bootloader using my UNO, also, using my uno I can upload the sketch, trought the ICSP connector. Of course I reburn the bootloader before triying to reupload the sketch using the ftdi board.

I can´t find anything grong on the schematic. Do you see something? Could it be other thing?

PD. between the board and the FTDI programer I have got another board that connects the CTS pin to GND, and changes RX and TX possitions so RX on the board is conected to TX on the atmega and TX to RX.
Also, the jumper is closed.


Where are the decoupling capacitors?

Could you specify a little bit please, What caps and Where?

I have uploaded this sketck using the arduino isp:

/* Simple Serial ECHO script : Written by ScottC 03/07/2012 */

/* Use a variable called byteRead to temporarily store
the data coming from the computer */
byte byteRead;

void setup() {
// Turn the Serial Protocol ON

void loop() {
/* check if data has been sent from the computer: /
if (Serial.available()) {
read the most recent byte */
byteRead =;
/*ECHO the value that was read, back to the serial port. */

And I am not getting any reply when I send something. Also tried the program on the UNO and works fine.
We have a problem with tx no? Maybe the decoupling caps?