Problem Uploading Arduino Mini Pro ATmega328(5v,16MHz)

Hello i'm new in the world of Arduino,I rencently buy an Arduino mini and a USB 2102 converter to program it. But I have a big problem, when I want to upload any program on the Arduino, I have an error message who said: programmer is not reaponding. But I think I do the good connections between the card and the USB converter: GND/GND, 5V/5V, Rx/Tx, Tx/Rx. And when i upload I press the reset button before or I have test to stay on the reset button and release when the program is verified. I was looking many different post and test many solutions but nothing is working. And the USB converter is detected normaly by the pc and drivers are all ok. I don't now what to do yet :( , I hope you can help me , you are my last solution.

Do not pick "Pro or Pro Mini" as your board selection if you have a "Mini." You need to select "Mini" not "Pro or Pro Mini"

Also it would help if you not use the word "Pro" in your subject line of your post (or really anywhere in your post). People may be under the impression you have a Pro Mini. Pro Mini is extremely common, there have probably been millions produced, while the Mini is very obscure and we hear about them and see them seldom. There was probably only a few batches of them ever made and they just did not take off since there are so difficult to use compared to Pro Mini.

If you are new to Arduino, I recommend getting an Uno and set aside the Mini until after you have experience with Uno, Nano, and Pro Mini.

Thank you so much, yet all is working without problem :) :) .