Problem uploading my sketch to Arduino board using USB2SERIAL

I bought 2 Mega 2560 compatible board from Aliexpress using KCH usb driver.

After upload OSX to latest version Yosemite, KCH usb driver does not work well. So..., I've just bought USB Serial Light Adapter which from Italy.(Because another one using FTDI chip was not be detected by my Mac. I've really tried so many ways as I could...)

Fortunately, Italian USB Serial Light Adapter is detected well just like my another Italian UNO. Now, I'd like to upload my sketch to Chinese MEGA via USB2SERIAL. I simply connect 5v-5v, GND-GND, TX-RX, RX-TX and IDE says programmer is not responding. Of course, I've choose correct board and serial port.

How can I done it? I have working UNO and USB2SERIAL. If I connect between my Mac and MEGA, serial port didn't appear.