problem uploading on arduino uno and mega adk

I've been away for 2 weeks. So my computer was not turned on for a wile. After I came back my dad bought the mega adk for a prez. Now I know its not the arduino because the it shows on com3 and com4. Every time I try to upload it says not in sync and then it trys 10 times but does not get it right. I'm running on windows 7 64 bit. I don't know what happened in those 2 weeks but my computer also lost all the setting. I had to change everything back and I replaced the internal battery. I've tried to download and install the newest software but it also did not work.

Pleas help :sob:

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To summarize you are saying both the UNO and the Mega do not load sketches. Also that Windows had reset its settings while you were absent. You have uploaded and installed the latest IDE. Have you removed and reinstalled your drivers for the port?