Problem uploading to board

I have Arduino 1.6.6 installed on my Windows 7 laptop and have an Arduino clone running without any problem at port COM13. Recently I bought an Arduino Uno Oiginal and installed the drivers ; at Device Manager Window I see it at port COM14 ; and Arduino 1.6.6 > Tools > Port is "COM14 Arduino/Genuino Uno)".When I try to upload Blink, after compiling, I get the error message " Avrdude_ser_open(): can't open device "\.\COM1" followed by "Problem uploading to board". I have checked Guide/Troubleshooting ... several times without any results. Can anyone offer advice. Thanks.

I have a similar problem trying to upload too but haven't had any response. One thing I have found out though is that you have to actually click on the port so there comes a tick to show it is selected. I thought that it was selected already because it was highlighted and only option. This is confusing because with the board it is already selected and there is a dot not a tick showing this. Hope it helps.

Hello i have the same problem But the drivers are already installed the LED L on Arduino Uno blink . Where shuld i make the tick ? Thank you

I have the same problem. It tells me the board is on com 1. The error message tells me board at com 1 is not available. The port is not coming up on the list. It is there, but light color as not there.

Same problem here. 2 out of 4 Arduino UNO boards will compile VERIFY but the green shaded progress bar for UPLOAD stops at about 90%. Error message = avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\,\COM8" Access is denied. Com port com 8 is selected. Tools>Boards Manager Arduino/Genuino selected. Doesn't matter what sketch I'm trying to load. Hope someone can post a remedy soon. Thanks

Add to above, symptoms restated differently for my Arduino UNO R3: The L yellow light blinks on/off at 1 sec intervals as soon as USB cable is connected. Device manager>Ports indicates that my Arduino UNO is recognized at ComPort x. Doesn't matter what com port I manually select the Arduino doesn't open any of them. Latest drivers installed: Driver Date 6/15/2015 Driver Version Note that "The best driver software for your device is already installed". As stated above, 2 existing Arduino UNOs working fine on same PC W10. These 2 newer Arduinos will compile VERIFY sketches but will not complete an UPLOAD then state comport error. A remedy appreciated.

Frit Thank you very much indeed. Problem solved.

Hello What abou Windows 7? the LED L blink and the board isnt recognized by Computer . All drivers installed Thank you