Problem uploading to board

hi all,

i'm trying to upload a sketch to arduino, and i have a prototype board on top of it with a parallax gps, as shown basically in this configuration: Arduino Playground - GPS

i can upload my sketch just fine if i don't have the prototype board plugged in, but if it is, and i try to upload, it just hangs in the arduino program.

why do you think that occurs? i'm uploading the sketch from that page too.

Pins 0 and 1 are consumed by the USB hardware when it is in use. Move the GPS off those pins and use softserial or unplug the gps when the USB is in use.

i suspected that might be the case.

is there any way to do serial in/out on other pins? Serial.Read seems to only be for those pins. i'd like to hook up lots of different serial devices to my arduino.

ah, found software serial, i'm assuming that's what you meant by softserial.