Problem using arduino board to write data

Hi all I encounter problems while writing data using arduino board. I have written a simple progam for testing as followed:

void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); }

void loop() { Serial.write(0xAA); }

I use the max232 to convert the voltage level to rs232, and use the hyperterminal to observe the output. However, from the hyperterminal there are many "0" inserted to the output. How can these be solved? Thanks.

With no delays, that's probably writing data faster than hyperterminal can display it.

I have tried adding 1 second delay and 5 seconds delay in the program, but there is still problem.

Try a lower baud rate. Ensure the two baud rates are the same. Try a printable character.

thanks u guys, i’ll try again later :slight_smile:

hex AA = decimal 170
look at the extended ascii table, maybe that is something hyperterminal cannot handle.
Try using Serial.print or Serial.println instead.