problem using gobetwino and SSC32

Alright, so we are creating an animatronic head for a class project. We are trying to use a button connected to the arduino duemilanove to move servos via the SSC-32 as well as using gobetwino to open an audio file on the computer in sync with the movements.

The problem we are having is that gobetwino is getting bogged down when the signals to move the servos are being sent thru the serial to the SSC32, since the program also reads the serial port, so the opening of the audio file and servo movements dont stay in sync.

Is there a way we could use different baud rates for gobetwino and the SSC32 so the signals dont get mixed?

Thanks for any help

(attached is our code so far below)

int button=2; void setup() { pinMode( button, INPUT); Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop(){

if(digitalRead(button)==HIGH){ Serial.println("#S|MP3|[]#"); delay(600);

Serial.begin(115200); char str[] ="....."; //servo movement array here char * pch; pch = strtok (str,","); while (pch != NULL) { move(0, pch, 37); pch = strtok (NULL, ","); } } Serial.begin(9600); }

void move(int servo, char* position, int time) { Serial.print("#"); Serial.print(servo); Serial.print(" P"); Serial.print(position); Serial.print(" T"); Serial.println(time); delay(time); }

You get to have one thing attached to the serial port on the Arduino. Choose whether that is the SSC32 OR the PC. You can't attach both to the serial port at the same time.

You could use different pins, and NewSoftSerial, for the SSC32, unless the SSC32 is a shield that is hardwired to the RX/TX pins.

Thanks! That library worked like a charm!!