Problem using Google Docs server?

First off here's the code: i'm taking code from a couple different places: Mainly:

Here's the form i need to enter data into:

The arduino is never able to connect to the server, is there any alternative? I honestly dont know what ip i need, google docs? google? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Noah.

Are you sure your arduinos ethernet shield and the associated protocol stack can make HTTPS connections ?

As far a i know that i not possible.


The code i found used https but that does make a lot of sense. Any workaround? Drop the s? Thanks, Noah.

Drop the s?

If you don't mind failure, that's a good idea.

You need to host your data on a server that lets you use http to access it, not one that requires https.

Every example script I've seen and everyone else using gdocs with arduino haven't reported any problems using https.

Do they use the same ethernet shield as yours?

Are you able to connect to ANY server? You need to narrow down the problem.