Problem Using PID control for temperature sensor

Good day everyone. :)

I am planning to use PID method for eliminate error and to make sure that my temperature will be in specific range.

My set point is 2.5V but temperature voltage say 1.9V, which means i have -0.6 error.

My range for temperature should be between 1.9V to 3.1V

how i manage to control to make sure my temperature will be in this range? As i see from the formula Kp, Ki, and Kd is needed, my problem is i dont know how i manage to get the value. i do some research but it all about using MATLAB and related to reaction curve.

thank you.

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I did. :)

I did.

How strange that none of us can see your code, posted using code tags, a description of the sensors with links, or a diagram showing the wiring!

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Do you expect your questions to be answered?

The way to control your device is to write a sketch in which you can put in numbers for Kp Ki and Kd and in which you have an input from your sensor. for the setpoint, you can use a fixed value in code or you can use some form of input from a pot or other device. if you want to have an output, you need to connect to some device.

I think that wraps up the general requirements.

if you want, you can write code to allows you to adjust Kp, Ki and Kd on the fly. and, I would offer that you might want to have the ability to alter your input. maybe be able to scale it, or to smooth it, depending on how stable the process is.

hint : when you google just add the word Arduino.

pid arduino harmonica arduino hat arduino

and you should get results that include using an arduino. in your case, you might find stuff that will help you.

I think what you experienced was a natural law of forums. the quality of the question = the quality of the answers the details of the question = the details of the answers information left out in the question = wrong answer

there is a corolary about insuffient informatin and emotions. insuffent informaon = negative emotions sometimes these are reflected in the tone of the response or by the questioner getting upset because the answers do not address what the questioner wants to know.

please read about the X/Y problem this is where the questioner excludes information or declines to use the most direct way to do a thing for some reason only the questioner knows, but that limits the answer to be wrong and often consumes many pages of faulty posts.

May I suggest you elaborate more of what you are trying to do. what you are using such as sensors and such. using part numbers and possible links to data sheets.

when doing control, probably the least understood and yet most important is the final control element. say you want to heat skiers on a chair lift in the open wind. now, take that same heater and try to control an insulated incubator box. it is like using a blast furnace to light a candle on a birthday cake.