Problem using project through USB port and wall outlet

So i have a little machine i made with a water pump, arduino uno, a button and some leds. When i push the button, a red led should light up and the pump start pumping water. then after 20 seconds, it should stop and a green led turn on. It works perfectly fine when i plug the arduino into my computer via usb cable, but when i plug the usb cable into a charger that plugs into a wall outlet, the arduino thinks it pushed the button and it starts pumping water immediately. I would use the external power jack but i dont have a cable for it. Could some one please help me? this is annoying me a lot. Thanks in advance.

Have you got a pullup or pulldown resistor on the input pin keeping it in a known state at all times or is it floating at a maybe HIGH/maybe LOW state causing the input to change state without the button being pressed ?

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