Problem using the Elegoo Touchscreen 2.8"

Hi there,

I want for a projet to use a touch screen with a series of menus. They would be structured that way :

Home page + Start button > number pad screen to enter identifiant, the numbers display in a status bar. When press enter > next menu

The first action is perfectly working so when you press the start button, the number pad appear but then no number get written in the status bar. I had to use a while function in order for the screen not to reload
For the number pad, I am for now using the one provided in the examples coming along with the library (called phonecall)

When I run the number pad program on its own, I have no problem but the way I integrated in the main code is not working.

I checked with the serial print and the arduino reads that the screen is being touched but no numbers get written on the status bar.

I would be so grateful if somebody can take a look at my code, and hopefully find an idea or a solution.

All the best (7.08 KB)