Problem using TinySine GSM module and different sensor types for weather station

Hello everyone,

I am working on a weather station project for a university course and I’m currently facing a problem.
(Using Arduino UNO).

When I include the TinySine GSM code used to connect to the internet, the serial monitor output for my sensors gets messy and just prints some rubbish until it eventually stops. (screenshot included)

I’ve tried commenting out the TinySine code and the station works normally when I do.
I’ve also tried commenting out specific parts of the code and the output still prints rubbish with some minor changes in the characters outputted.

I was wondering if the GSM code or libraries somehow interfere with the sensor communication.

The sensors I’m using are:
DHT-22 (temperature & humidity)
BMP180 (pressure)
HMC5883L (magnetometer)
FC-37 (raindrop sensor)

The DHT-22 data pin is connected to D10 pin of Arduino.
BMP180 & HMC5883L use I2C communication (A4 & A5).
FC-37 is connected to A0 pin.

Also, the inet.httpGET() function is set to for testing purposes.

I have attached my code and the Serial monitor screenshot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

WeatherStation.ino (11 KB)

Did you get GSM shield to work? You may want to try listening to the port -- mySerial.listen() when using multiple sensor serial port calls.