problem using while

this is my code:

void setup() {



void loop() {

Serial.println("Enter number: ");
while (Serial.available()==0);
int val=Serial.parseInt();


when I execute the Sketch and input 5 I expect this:

Enter number:
Enter number:

But what I get is this:

Enter number:
Enter number:
Enter number:

What am I doing wrong?

Have a look at this example of how ‘serialavailable’ works,

You are basically only looking for data when there is none ; If you use : while(Serial.available()==0){ }

Then it will wait in this loop whilst no data is available, and when there is some execute the code that follows .

@hammy, that would not make a difference as far as I know; there is a semi-colon after the while.

@mac-7, what is the line-ending in serial monitor set to? Set it to 'none' if it isn't.


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