Problem while compiling

HOW to Eradicate the error after burning the program.
the error is attached with a screen shot. please do reply to the error

Have you tried searching for this error using Google?

I found this post:

The Arduino IDE (well, the toolchain) is 32-bit, Mac OS 10.15 only runs 64-bit applications. Hence, the IDE is currently not compatible with 10.15.

The Arduino developers are aware of the issue and last I checked the issue on github (when someone else asked earlier this week), they were hoping to have a 64-bit version available for mac to address this before the general release of 10.15.

As an aside, you say you are a little noob with computers; in this case, what possessed you to use a beta version of your operating system? Using beta versions should be left to experts who are better prepared to deal with the inevitable strange bugs (which, because it’s new, won’t have a large body of knowledge available on how to deal with them) that will be encountered with such experimental software - particularly something like the OS.

Solution is download the latest build here Mass update bundled resources by facchinm · Pull Request #8976 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub

voor mac hier