Problem while uploading (perhaps with the microcontroller?)

I'm getting this error with my stock Arduino UNO:

avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0002 ** 0x61 != 0x5d** avrdude: verification error; content mismatch


Could this be a fatal error in the ATM328P-PU or is it fixable?

I have on mind the possible cause, but I want to read someone else's opinion first.



The above error comes for reson has follow

1)wrong selection of comport & board in tooll option; choose proper board & com 2)Tx & RX lines are occupied ; connected to the interfaces like gps,gsm device, if connected remove & upload 3) Main bootloader crashed. It keep flikering LED 13 or state of led remain HIGH

You need to upload bootloader using avr pocket programmer.

Check what ports are available in the IDE with and without the board plugged in. There should be one extra with the board plugged in. Use that one.

If you do not get an extra port post a link to where you got the board from or a picture of it so that we can check which drivers are needed.

Good day!

Thank you for your support.

I believe the port is OK, I run dmesg | grep -i tty I get that the Arduino is connected to port /dev/ttyACM2 (matches what is shown in th IDE).

Actually, the whole thing was working perfectly until I did something that I guess is a big NO-NO: connected the 9V battery directly to Aduino (5v and GND pins) :roll_eyes:

The 13th pin LED blinks (if I plug an external LED, also blinks) and when I try to upload a sketch, both RX and TX blink as well.

So, by elimination I could say that the problem could be concentrated in a specific component: the microcontroller.

I already ordered a new chip and a AVR programmer, but still your opinion is very important to me.

9V on the 5V line would toast it.

Replacing the chip is the solution.

Many thanks!