Problem with 0021 and Arduino Uno


I have just received my Arduino Uno and downloaded the new 0021 IDE. I have chosen Arduino Uno in the boards menu, but it wont let me choose a Serial port.

Can some one please help me?


P.S.: Theres a screen shot:

Sorry for the stupid question, but have you plugged it in? The choice of COM ports isnt populated until you have
(a) installed the USB driver (if needed)
(b) plugged it in (Which may complete step (a) as a side effect)

(a) i think so, i installed the "Arduino UNO.inf" file and "Arduino Uno" showed up under the COM and LPT ports category.
(b) my mother would a have done that (witch means yes, I have)




I found the problem. I don't know why but I have to plug in the Uno before I start the Arduino IDE.

(Can't some one do something against that awful compiler. It takes years to compile even one simple sketch.)