Problem with 1.8.13

Resulting from a crash, I decided to scrap all previous 1.8.xx IDE series and upload 1.8.13. Working with new projects the new IDE works well. However, I need to use the software for a project I did some years ago and I then downloaded its program (with 1.8.5) on an SD. I loaded this program without difficulty and it compiled nicely. The problem arrived when I tried to download it to the Wemos D1 for which it had been built. The download went okay but the process failed. On the serial monitor I see a whole lot of garbage!!

Displayed are 15 lines containing 8 blocks of what looks like assembler code each with five digits. At the beginning I see <<>> followed a bit later with ISR not in IRAM,then an entry shows user exception (panic/abort/assert). Thats all!!

What am I doing wrong?
Please help

Sounds like an issue with the ESP8266 core you have installed, or the specific version of it..

I think they have a forum for the Arduino core somewhere? If nobody here knows the solution, it's a sure bet that someone over there does!

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