Problem with 2x 74HC595N

I have two shif registers
i have wiered like

And have the code like

int latchPin = 11;
int dataPin = 12;
int clockPin = 10;
int dato = 0;
int waitFor = 200;

int first = 0;
int second = 0;

void setup() {
 pinMode (dataPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode (clockPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode (latchPin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
 lightLeds (0b00000000, 0b00000000);
 lightLeds (0b00000001, 0b00000000);
 lightLeds (0b00000011, 0b00000000);
 lightLeds (0b00000111, 0b00000000);
 lightLeds (0b00001111, 0b00000000);
 lightLeds (0b00011111, 0b00000000);
 lightLeds (0b00111111, 0b00000000);
 lightLeds (0b01111111, 0b00000000);
 lightLeds (0b11111111, 0b00000000);
 lightLeds (0b11111111, 0b00000001);
 lightLeds (0b11111111, 0b00000011);
 lightLeds (0b11111111, 0b00000111);
 lightLeds (0b11111111, 0b00001111);
 lightLeds (0b11111111, 0b00011111);
 lightLeds (0b11111111, 0b00111111);
 lightLeds (0b11111111, 0b01111111);
 lightLeds (0b11111111, 0b11111111);

void lightLeds (int second, int first) {
 digitalWrite (latchPin, LOW);
 shiftOut (dataPin, clockPin, LSBFIRST, first);
 shiftOut (dataPin, clockPin, LSBFIRST, second);
 digitalWrite (latchPin, HIGH);
 delay (waitFor);

now... everithing works fine just the second register is not working....
i have tryed 10+ different codes... i just cant get the second register working...
Any idea?
Here is a video

i have wiered like

Including that capacitor on the latch line?

That is an error they should go between the 5V input pin on the chip to the ground pin on the chip.

Apart from that the tutorial is sound so you must have made a mistake so post a clear picture of your wiring not more than 1000 pixels wide so we can check it out.

Any idea?
Here is a video

Smart move making it a private video.

Seems the wiering is ok, and i don't understand the code...
this code....
works better

int latchPin = 11;  //ds
int clockPin = 10;  
int dataPin = 12;  
byte leds = 0;  
int currentLED = 0;

void setup()  {
    pinMode(latchPin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(dataPin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(clockPin, OUTPUT);
    leds = 0;

void loop()  {
    leds = 0;
    if (currentLED == 15)
        currentLED = 0;

    bitSet(leds, currentLED);

    digitalWrite(latchPin, LOW);
    shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, LSBFIRST, leds);
    digitalWrite(latchPin, HIGH);

now... what i would like is to light up individual leds 
Can anyone help me?
[sorry for broken english] :D

works better

Define better!
That code will not address the second shift register except to just reflect that last thing you wrote to the first.

You will have to cooperate a bit better than this if you want help.
What does this first code actually do?

Seems the wiering is ok

How do you know?

Have you done the things I have told you, if not it is a waste of time taking this any further.

Yes... the wiering was wrong.....
Now both registers works....