Problem with 6DOF IMU accelerometer and gyroscope and Lilypad Arduino.

Hi Everyone.

I am currently working on a project that involves the Lilypad Arduino and a 6 DOF digital IMU, which contains an accelerometer and a gyroscope. All it has to do is write the raw data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope to a text file.
I have one IMU device working with the lilypad, with analog pins a4 and a5 connected to SCL and SDA on the IMU. This seems to be its default.
I now want to connect a second IMU to the lilypad. Is there some way I can the SCL and SDA on the second IMU to analog pins a1 and a2? Would this require extra code in my program or can it just be done?

Any help would be appreciated.

Two ways of adding a second (same brand) of sensor

a) software lib. to add second I2C
b) modify 1 pin at board to change I2C address (depends on board used)