problem with 9DOF arduimu error code nead help

Hi i m having trouble with my 9dof arduimu , after playing the sketch with arduion 0018 on arduimu the first time and finding out everything was good I decided to install the sketch ( arduino pro or pro mini (3.3 v 8Mhz w Atmega 328 ) so i opened the right port used the right board and plug-in my imu with a USB to TTl cable (TTL-232R-3.3 USB TTL converter cable) then press upload after a couple second I pres the reset button on the imu .
since I was suppose to get a loading bar i started to be suspicious because I did not get any.
, waited for 10 minutes and still noting so i unplug the imu and reset the arduimu to verified the board but to my surprise i got a error message so i then went everywhere I could ( arduino , google , and the net in general ) but couldn’t find a similar case to mine.
her I m looking for someone that cloud tell me what is the message error meaning and what is my best course of action.
any help would be appreciated I will up load the message screen



pleas help :(
ho I also forget to mention that that error open up on the compass tab of arduino imu

Hello, I have the same bug, any help for a newbie?? =( =(

I think you have to select Arduino Pro Mini 328 5v 16mhz in Arduino IDE bec ArduIMU has 16Mhz microcontroller.