Problem with A7 Ai Thinker GSM module

I have browsed every forum possible but i can't figure out the problem with A7 module. 2 days ago it was working perfectly fine even on pins other than 1 & 2 but since then it has only gotten worse.
I am able to make calls and sms but only if i input the command manually like : AT ATD"phone number" ATH
It was previously communicating with arduino but now i if i upload a code and it won't just run. It only works manually.

The connections are :-
TX of A7-----> Tx of arduino
RX of A7-----> Rx of Arduino
Ground is common.
Previously simple code for call and sms after uploading to arduino, the A7 would work but now it is only accepting manual commands.

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I am not familiar with the A7, but I would be connecting.

Rx of A7-----> Tx of arduino
Tx of A7-----> Rx of Arduino

As the flow of data is from Tx to Rx.

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I Have tried everything. Even the connections you mentioned. But while inputting manual commands TX to TX and RX to RX works but not the other way round. I still haven't been able to get work by uploading a code to arduino.
The link to A7 Module :

Any help is appreciated.