problem with arduini and php

hi! im new!

so i need help… i use the php_serial.class.php for read and write in the serial port and comunication with arduini…

but my script don’t read from arduinoo why???

this is my script php


/* Simple serial relay script for turning my sprinkler system on and off from the web!

Utilizes the PHP Serial class by Rémy Sanchez <> (Thanks you rule!!)
to communicate with the QK108/CK1610 serial relay board!


//check the GET action var to see if an action is to be performed
	//Action required
	//Load the serial port class
	//Initialize the class
	$serial = new phpSerial();

	//Specify the serial port to use... in this case COM1
	//Set the serial port parameters. The documentation says 9600 8-N-1, so
	$serial->confBaudRate(9600); //Baud rate: 9600
	$serial->confParity("none");  //Parity (this is the "N" in "8-N-1")
	$serial->confCharacterLength(8); //Character length (this is the "8" in "8-N-1")
	$serial->confStopBits(1);  //Stop bits (this is the "1" in "8-N-1")
	$serial->confFlowControl("none"); //Device does not support flow control of any kind, so set it to none.

	//Now we "open" the serial port so we can write to it

	//Issue the appropriate command according to the serial relay board documentation
		//to turn relay number 1 on, we issue the command 
     // Or to read from
     $read = $serial->readPort();
     echo $read;
	//We're done, so close the serial port again


but $read = $serial->readPort(); don’t print nothing…

this is the arduino code

void loop() {

if (Serial.available() > 0) {
// read the incoming byte:
incomingByte =;

// say what you got:



COM3 - that's a Windows thing.

$read = $serial->readPort();

The PHP serial class has some known limitations on Windows. One of them is that readPort doesn't work. Upgrade to Linux or use a different language.

yes i use win and now tell me this:

Warning: You must close your device before to set an other one in C:\Programmi\EasyPHP-\www\serial port\Support Files\php_serial.class.php on line 146

you can't use the same com port for more than one activity..