Problem with Arduino Duemilanove...

Hello all,

I bought arduino, made the right choices on the tools menu (Board tipe and serial port), the power green light is on, so I have power on the boar, but uploading an example program like the LCD one it gives me this message:

Binary sketch size: 1464 bytes (of a 30720 byte maximum)

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

I search, and search and search on this forum, I found a lot of guys with the same problem, but no solution at all... is there any problem with this new board? I think is too much people talking about the same thing... the arduino's website is too much poor about the troubleshooting... I think they must be a little bit more careful abou it...

Anyone can help please? this is driving me nuts...

Thanks a lot


Is there something plugged into digital pins 0 or 1? You can't have anything plugged in there while you transfer.

If that's not the problem then I got nothing.

No... I have the things starting on the digital pin 2 :( Thanks anyways for the reply...

No one has any idea? I tested in another computer... the same error occurs... Should the bootloader be the problem? tried everything :( Thanks for any help....

Eddie :-/

Alas, that particular error has a bazillion things that can cause it. When I first started a few months ago, it was usually caused by choosing the wrong board - there's both a Duemilanove 128 & a Duemilanove 328 and picking the wrong one causes that error. But you said you read the other messages, and had the right board picked, so I figured repeating it would be useless. Plus, it doesn't seem to happen anymore since IDE-16 came out. Yea!

Try hitting the reset button on the arduino at random times, both before and after clicking the upload button (ie, try uploading several times, hitting the reset only once each time).

I assume you've seen this page: FWIW - I use Zone Alarm, and it works fine for me.

Any chance you can borrow an Arduino from someone else and see if you can upload to that one?

Good luck!


Is kind of strange we need to random preesing the reset button... lol, but I tried that too... same error occurs! I don't know anyone near here that has a Duemilanove like mine... I sent to the store an email asking to swap my board by the Arduino Mega... I don't know, but there's some people around with the same problem as I searched around... strange... very strange inded My picked options are right: board, serial emulated (COM 6) I saw in the device manager... I tried to change the baud rate to a different number than 9600, as long the part of the problem is about "No sync"... well, nothing happended... still searching...

Thanks a lot anyways, if you have any other idea, please let me know... I'm really running out of options...



You get it to work yet?

Try updating drivers (I noticed windows downloading an FDTI driver automatically for me the other day, that might be the update u need as well...) and/or redownload the IDE

Hi! already did it too... I'm runing the 2.4. something FDTI drivers... I reinstall all drivers and programs twice as well. Thanks anyways...

Eddie :)

As stated above, make sure you choose the right chip.

We see this error in the lab if we pick the Atmega168 but the Arduino actually has the Atmega328.

What I read is that the programmer is responding with a code (0x51) and that it does not match the chip it is expecting (0x14)

Try picking a wrong board intentionally and then immediately after choosing the right board/chip again.