problem with arduino mega 2560 and nrf24l01

Hi, I have a problem with arduino mega.
I have a communication between arduino one and raspberry pi using the module nrf24l01.
I tried to do the same with mega 2560 but only sends messages, is not able to receive signal.

Do you have any idea what the problem might be?

I have them connected the mega pin so:

Could try nrf24L01+ communication between two MEGA2560's to start with.

And make sure that the NRF24L01+ transmit and receive addresses are set up correctly/properly.

I don't have two Mega to make this possible.
Addresses are set correctly, I use same code on UNO and it works.

That sounds promising. So the raspberry pi might be having a problem sending the message to the MEGA2560.

You said you're using the SAME CODE from the UNO for the 2560. I don't think you can use EXACTLY the same code. I think at least a tiny modification needs to be done.

Post the code you're using for BOTH the uno and the 2560.

Your opening post also said something about 'arduino one'. So now I'm assuming you meant arduino uno (not arduino 'one').