problem with arduino software

okay i installed arduino 0023 onto my windows ultimate 7 system and even wrote a few sketches. well all was fine until i went back and tried to use it again the next day and it will not load. i went to trouble shooting section (no help there) i had a time getting it to delete, once i did get it to delete i redownloaded arduino 0023 reinstalled it, same problem. now i used the same download to load this onto my netbook which is running same software and it does come right up what is the deal here? i am very computer literate and cannot figure this one out (tired). so maybe someone has had this issue before. i would like to use this system as this is where my arduino station for building things sits next to. any suggestions or fixes would be nice. the device manager sees the board fine see attach. for error i am getting.


and it coes right up wht is the deal here

Translation please?

well i answered my own problem seems that the reason i was having so many problems was due to an incomplete java update. i uninstalled java and reinstalled java problem fixed i was very tired when i posted which made me have a brain fart, after some sleep it just came to me to check it out. doc