Problem with Arduino TFT, code hangs until serial monitor is launched


I've connected an Arduino TFT display to display data from various pressure sensors. Im using the TFT.h and SPI.h libraries.

However, for some reason the code seems to hang during the setup() function and will not proceed to the void() loop.

Weird thing is that if i hook up the USB to the PC - the second i launch serial monitor(shift+m), the arduino program will proceed as it should and everything is working fine. My project does not use serial communication in any way.

Seems like a bug to me. Anyone experienced anything similar and/or have a workaround/fix?

Suggestions appreciated!

Kind regards

Update to this problem - It turns out that the USB port was not giving sufficient power to the Arduino.

Once connected to a "strong" usb port or wall charger everything works as intended. Another solution would of course be to power the TFT by other means than from the 5V pin on the Arduino.

Kind regards, Ove