Problem with Arduino UNO

Hi guys!

I want to show you my problem wondering if you could help me...

I'm working with an Arduino UNO since a few weeks without any problem but since yesterday, I send my sketch to the board but nothing happen. I mean, apparently the program loads well but the arduino doesn't work according to my program (in fact, arduino doesn't do anything).

But the weirdest thing is, that if I load the standardfirmata on the board and I use processing interface to communicate, Arduino start to work.

Someone of you have the answer? I can't control arduino without processing interface...

Thanks for your help guys!!

Sounds like a problem with your code.

thanks for your answer but this problem keep happening even with the example codes...

Problem solved!

It looks like I had a trouble with the drivers, because I'm also working with a ZigBee module and I think that was a conflict with the drivers in the COM port.