Problem with Arduino Wireless SD Shield

Hey guys! Today I got a new Arduino Wireless SD Shield ( I would use this shield with my Xbee XB24-AWI-001 (Series 01). The problem is that when I try to upgrade the Xbee's firmware while the module is connected to the shield it would result in a lost communication error. I first plugged the Arduino Uno alone and uploaded an empty sketch (void setup() { } void loop() { }). Then I unplugged the Arduino from the computer and connected the Xbee module to the shield, connected the shield to the Arduino Uno, flipped the switch to the USB position, and last but not least connected the Arduino Uno to my USB port. To configure the Xbee I am using the X-CTU application. This program detects the Xbee, tells me the Xbee's information when I click on Test/Query, and lets me make any changes I want and write to the Xbee, but the only problem is that it would not let me upgrade the Xbee's firmware when it is connected to the Wireless shield. I have successfully upgraded the Xbee's firmware by using the Adafruit adapter but I am curious of why it would not let me upgrade it when connected to this official Arduino wireless shield. Is this behavior normal or is it something messed up in my hardware? Please help me Arduino forums, your my only hope! :P Thanks guys!



Bump Please I need an answer guys! Thanks :)

You should investigate this further yourself, but I believe the problem is that XCTU needs to toggle the DTR line [pin 9 on the XBee header] in order to reset the XBee module when flashing new firmware.

From what I can tell by looking at the Arduino XBee shield page, it does not connect to the XBee DTR pin.

OTOH, the ladyada USB-XBee adapter has pin 9 connected to the DTR* pin of the USB chip. See the schematic, which is really the Parallax doco schematic.

I was looking at the Arduino Wireless SD Shield Schematics ( and it seems as if the DTR is also connected to pin 9 of the Xbee module. I really have no clue about whats happening.

I was looking at the Arduino Wireless SD Shield Schematics
( and it seems as if the DTR is >also connected to pin 9 of the Xbee module. I really have no clue about whats happening.

I have been looking at schematics for years, but have to admit that I have great difficulty in
deciphering many of the various Arduino shield and ladyada schematics, especially in regards the
areas that show the headers.

Before my post, I looked at the schematic you mention. AFAICT, the pin 9 the DTR line goes to
is just the “socket” that the XBee module plugs into, and it’s not connected to anything at all.
The Arduino headers are the [to me confused] headers at the bottom, and are not well labelled.
So, ???

It looks to me like Din and Dout are connected to RX and Tx on the Arduino, but no other
XBee pins.

Since you have the shield in question, it should take you 30-seconds to determine if pin 9 of XBee
is connected to anything on the Arduino. Have at it. [I’d like to know what you find].

If you mean to visually inspect the shiel to see if pin 9 is connected to the arduino, then I just did that and it looks that you are right. It doesnt seem to be connected to the arduino, just to the socket. I emailed arduino support to see what their opinion is. Thanks soo much for your help!

Bump! The same problem is happening. This is the error I'm getting on X-CTU:

Getting modem type....OK Programming modem...Lost communication with modem Write Parameters...Failed

I have tried everything, even taking the whole AtMega328P out and connecting the xbee to the computer through the Arduino board!