Problem with arduino...

Hi there! I used for my project a china RC car witch is controlled by RX-2C 27Mhz radio freq. I pun an arduino UNO with ATmega328 inside with some LEDs and some sensors (Mq-2, DHT11, a speaker and an SD adapter on SPI). All is working great, but there is a problem: I get very limited cover for my radio control when i turn on arduino. I have about 25-30 m without turning it on and just 2-3 meters when its on. How does arduino intefreres with my reception and what can I do to avoid this? Thanks in advance!

your circuit is to noisy and is blocking the receiver.

Here is a good page describing many ways to reduce noise.

shorter wiring ,twisted pairs ,shielding etc. all help to reduce interference.


Thank you! it really is a jungle of wires there...

Update: I twisted all power-related wires and added ferrite on main power source. This really did the trick. i can now control it up to 20 meters.