Problem with Arduino.

I connected my newly purchased Arduino, I’ve installed the drivers, I have compiled a sample code and I wrote.
Everything has worked well until I re-connected to my PC and windows tells me that the usb device is not recognized. I have seen that when I plug the usb cable on Arduino and on computer program written in the memory starts to run.

This is an Arduino Duemilanove and powered only by USB.

What could it be? I have the Arduino for a couple of hours and can not do anything with it T_T

The PC driver defines a new serial com port for the Arduino USB connection. If you search around past posting you will find solutions others have used to fix PC software driver installation problems.

Seems that several have had to remove the USB driver software and reinstall it before they got it to work again. I've not has such problems yet so I can't talk you through the procedure.


I installed the IDE on linux (including java, avr-libc ,...).

The problem is that I can'tselect the port!

PS: I use Debian and i have not installed brltty [/ b].