Problem with board

Hello I have realy anoying problem with my board! I've made some boards but this gives me real hedache when i try to program it burns the chip(first think). About some time spendig on chips i realized there mus be something else i tryied first to upload firmware(boot code) the setting fusese it works but when i enter fuses it hangs only thing i get from chip is ffffff not the hex value of chip! I've speculated that there is some problem with crystal but voltage is ok (1,9v). Any sugestions?


can you tell us a little bit more about the board? are you using one of the pre made boards? are you building your own?

are you using a pcb you made yourself or are you using one of the "official" ones?


I'am using single sided pcb board! i've build simple version of schematics on protoboard. The problem is the same chip is burned! here are programming settings

:-X i figured out the resonator capaticors were 270pF(271) and not 27p(27)!

whoa that's weird

usually quartzes need 18/27 pf to resonate ... 270 seems a bit too much.

sometimes they work even without caps...

what type of resonator are you using?