Problem with BobV2.0 mortaldoom780's robot

I built mortaldoom780's robot BobV2.0 from the Instructables.

I have built several robots in the past. I have BIG plans for bob, but I only wired up the minimum:

ArduinoMega LARS robot shield Pan Servo Ping Left Motor RightMotor CenterIR LeftIR RightIR Piezo Buzzer

I am using Lars software which is 99% the same as Mortaldoom780 setup from instructables.

I have a 4500 ah 9.6 volt battery that I split into to connectors and each are going to both the ArduinoMega and the LarsRobot Shield.

Basic Setup with parts that were working before on a recent BOEbot project I was using.

The problem is: I turn it on. It beeps. It runs perfectly for about a minute then it gets hot and restarts or just shuts down. the Voltage regular on the Lars units gets too hot to touch.

Any Ideas will be apreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

It runs perfectly for about a minute then it gets hot

Are you saying it only starts to get hot after a minute, or that the temperature rises over the first (and only!) minute?

Can you show your power wiring?

Can't show wiring yet. But, yes, after about a minute the regulator gets really hot on the robotshield board and the two lights get very bright as in lots of current.

But, to let you know how I have it wired, I have the same battery going to both the shield and the arduino through a splicing cable going into the jack.

Thanks for the reply.

I am sorry for not posting the Resolution. When I built the LARS shield from ArdunioFun, I put in the wrong value of resistor. Correcting this problem made me realize that it would have ran perfect upon startup by just putting everything together. In fact, this was the Easiest project our of all the ones I have every built. All of your thinking is done for you. You simply assemble and load the program and go. I would recommend this robot schield for Everyone!