Problem with broken RTC on Stalker V2.3, changing address DS1307

Hello to the Arduino community!

I have big problem! My board Stalker V2.3 have one RTC module in address 0x68. My board fell and it broke place of battery. Now I need put a new RTC module. I dont find on web solution for change address DS1307. Anybody knows if have possiblity disable module RTC on board Stalker, or change the address the new module RTC that I will instal.

Thank's in advanced.

Can you unsolder the DS1307 chip and put a new one on?

Hello CrossRoads, thank you.

My problem are place of battery, this way I do weld on cables and problem solved. In my language this resource use are named: "GAMBIARRA".

Thank you for your time and attached pictures of solution.