Problem with C# Timer and Arduino..

Hi, we have a C# windows application that requires a timer. We normally use the Timer component in C#. Since beginning to use the Arduino connected to the computer the C# Timer Tick method doesn't get called.

Is this a known issue or are we doing something wrong in our code? Any comment suggestions welcome.

Thanks Trev.

Post some code :-)

The arduino is completely separate from the c# code.

However, in your c# code, make sure you aren't waiting for serial input. If you are using a synchronous Read() for example, the application won't receive Timer events because it is halted waiting for the serial data.

Yes exactly.

It’s a good idea to use the serialrecived event (i think that’s what it’s called)

Just be aware that you probably need to implement some delegates because the UI and the serial port are running in different threads.

Hey thanks guys. We will look into your suggestions further. If we have problems I will get back to you.