Problem with CC3000 Client IP (Library Modification)

Progress so far; still only working partially. Serial Monitor–HTTPServer–Test.txt should only show Client IP of “” There is no pattern I can find for the appearance of the Client IP: “” Every time Chrome browser opens the page there are two events; one is the GET request for the Dynamic web page and the other one is a GET request for “/favicon.ico.”

Attaching two, modified Adafruit CC3000 library files, “HTTPServer–TEST.ino,” sketch, and the “Serial Monitor–HTTPServer–Test.txt.” Showing present progress

Is there anyone that can help debug this? (9.56 KB)

Trying to resolve issues with this question: "Find Remote ip address" Purposed answer by "TisteAndii"

I am not clear on where to place static variables in "CC3000_Server.cpp"

Are static variables global or local to a function? Do they only keep value in the function? Confused about static variables.

static sockaddr tSocketClientAddr;  // file scope
static socklen_t addr_len;